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December 13 — December 13, 2018

December 13

Happy Birthday Richard “Dick” Van Dyke–93 Arthur “Christopher” Plummer–89 John Davidson–77 Morris Day–61 Steven Buscemi–61 “NeNe Leakes”(Linnethia Johnson)–52 “Jamie Foxx”(Eric Bishop)–51 Barton Johnson–48 Taylor Swift–29 ; 1949 – The Knesset votes to move the capital of Israel to Jerusalem

December 12 — December 12, 2018

December 12

Happy Birthday RIP “Buck Jones”(Charles Gebhart 1891–1942) Francis “Frank” Sinatra(1915–1998) Edward “Ed” Koch(1924–2013) Brandon Teena(1972–1993) http://bit.ly/5GJXp2 ; Robert “Bob” Barker–95 “Connie Francis”(Concetta Franconero)–80 “Dionne Warwick”(Marie Warrick)–78 William “Bill” Nighy–69 Cathleen “Cathy” Rigby–66 Sheila “E” Escovedo–61 Jennifer Connelly–48 Shelton Hank Williams–46 Mayim Bialik–43 ; 1787 – Pennsylvania becomes the second state to ratify the United States Constitution five days after Delaware became the first

December 11 — December 11, 2018

December 11

Happy Birthday RIP “Ron Carey”(Ronald Cicenia 1935–2007) Maila Syrjaniemi(“Vampira” 1922–2008) ; “Rita Moreno”(Rosita Alverio)–86 Donna Mills(Miller)–77 John Kerry–74 Lynda Day George–73 Terry “Teri” Garr–70 Robert “Ben” Browder–55 Monica “Monique” Imes–50 Jason “Rusty” Joiner–45 ; 1946 – UNICEF (the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) was established

December 10 — December 10, 2018

December 10

Happy Birthday RIP “Dorothy Lamour”(Mary Slaton 1914–1996) Harold Gould(Goldstein 1923–2010) Makoto Iwamatsu(“Mako” 1933–2006) Michael Clarke Duncan(1957–2012) ; Fionnghuala Flanagan–77 Gloria Goff(“Losing”)–72 Susan Dey(Smith)–66 Paul Hardcastle–61 Kenneth Branagh–58 Virenia “Nia” Peeples–57 Patrick Flueger–35 Raven-Symoné Pearman–33 ; 1868 – The first traffic lights are installed, outside the Palace of Westminster in London. Resembling railway signals, they use semaphore arms and are illuminated at night by red and green gas lamps

December 9 — December 9, 2018

December 9

Happy Birthday RIP Emmett Kelly(1898–1979) Margaret Hamilton(1902–1985) “Redd Foxx”(John Sanford 1922–1991) Douglas Fairbanks Jr.(1909–2000) Richard “Dick” Van Patten(1928–2015) ; “Kirk Douglas”(Issur Demsky)–102 Buck Henry Zuckerman–88 Dame Judith Dench–84 Lloyd “Beau” Bridges III–77 Richard “Dick” Butkus–76 Michael Dorn–66 John Malkovich–65 Donald “Donny” Osmond–61 Mario Cantone–59 Felicity Huffman–56 Jesse Metcalfe–40 Simon Helberg–38; 1851 – The first YMCA in North America is established in Montreal ; 1960 – The first episode of “Coronation Street”, the world’s longest-running television soap opera, is broadcast in the United Kingdom(still in production today)

December 8 — December 8, 2018

December 8

Happy Birthday RIP Samuel “Sammy” Davis(1925–1990) Clerow “Flip” Wilson(1933–1998) John “David” Carradine(1936–2009) James Morrison(1943–1971) Samuel Kinison(1953–1992) Gregory Allman(1947–2017) ; Kimila “Kim” Basinger–65 Teri Hatcher–54 Sinéad O’Connor–52 Dominic Monaghan–42 Ian Somerhalder–40 “Nicki Minaj”(Onika Maraj)–36 ; 1980 – John Lennon, an English musician and peace activist, is murdered by Mark David Chapman, a mentally unstable fan, in front of The Dakota apartment building in New York City

December 7 — December 7, 2018

December 7

Happy Birthday RIP Tadeus Konopka(“Ted Knight” 19231–1986) ; “Ellen Burstyn”(Edna Gillooly)–86 Thomas Waits–69 Priscilla Barnes–63 Larry Bird–62 Christopher Thomas Howell–52 Shiri Appleby–40 Emily Browning–30 Nicholas Hoult–29 ; 1941 – Japanese warplanes attacked the home base of the U.S. Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, drawing the United States into World War II. More than 2,300 Americans were killed ; 1963 – Instant replay makes its debut during an American Army–Navy football game

December 6 — December 6, 2018

December 6

Happy Birthday RIP Alfred Eisenstaedt(1898–1995) Agnes Moorehead(1900–1974) Robert Stein(“Bobby Van” 1928–1980) Ryan White(1971–1990) ; James Naughton–73 Margaret JoBeth Williams–70 Craig Newmark(Founder of Craigslist)–66 Gina Hecht–66 Thomas Hulce–65 Steven Wright–63 Andrew Cuomo–61 Janine Turner(Gauntt)–56 Lindsay Price–42 Ryan Kennedy–36 ; 1768 – The first edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica is published ; 1877 – The first edition of The Washington Post is published.

December 5 — December 5, 2018

December 5

Happy Birthday RIP Walter Elias Disney(1901–1966) ; Little Richard Penniman–86 Joan Didion–84 “Morgan Brittany”(Suzanne Cupito)–67 Amanda Lepore–51 Margaret Moran Cho–50 Amy Acker–42 Nicolas “Nick” Stahl–39 Adan Canto–37 Francisco “Frankie” Muñiz IV–33 ; 1933 – Prohibition in the United States ends with 21st Amendment to the Constitution ; 1955 – E. D. Nixon and Rosa Parks lead the Montgomery Bus Boycott ; 1969 – The four node ARPANET network is established (beginnings of internet between four colleges). Yes I know mine too. 

December 4 — December 4, 2018

December 4

Happy Birthday Winston “Wink” Martindale–85 Max Baer, Jr.–81 Jeffrey Bridges–69 Patricia Wettig–67 Marisa Tomei–54 Kevin Sussman–48 Tyra Banks–45 ; 1881 – The first edition of the Los Angeles Times is published. ; 1945 – By a vote of 65 to 7, the US Senate approved United States of America as active participant in the United Nations